Terra Verde’s Barn Roof Gets Energized

Creating a solar power system requires more than just buying some photovoltaic cells and connecting them to your house, because you need a power inverter to convert that power to work with your home’s electrical system. Power inverters convert the power that is generated by your solar power system from direct current to alternating current, which is used in homes and businesses. This Grid Tie Solar Inverter is designed for those that will still be connected to the power grid, so you’ll be able to provide power when you’re not using it and receive power if you do need extra. Xantrex makes these inverters, so if you’re putting together your own solar power system this will be one of the most important components. Our solar team is installing two Xantrex GT3.8 Grid Tie Solar Inverters to bring out PV laminate system (7.5 kw) to life. The inverters features an LCD display that provides power, daily and cumulative energy production, PV array voltage and current, utility voltage and frequency, today’s time online selling and fault messages. (check out www.xantrex.com)

We turned to the Solartek team from Orlando, Florida to assist us with our solar system design.  Solartek offers a range of services designed to meet a wide variety of needs.  They can bundle a complete materials kit for any Solartek system design.  They also offer full engineering packages including all materials necessary for installation for the adventurous DIYer.  Finally they can arrange a completely turn key and worry free installation of any Solartek solar electric system by one of our installation partners


Through the use of creative ideas, powerful software models, and rigorous review, solar electric systems designed by Solartek are not only electrically efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.  Solartek uses the latest in system design tools and solar data to produce a custom designed solar electric system that is optimized for a particular location.  Solartek provides realistic performance estimates based on extensive system simulations.  And to ensure their acceptance for use in any part of Florida and with any utility company, Solartek submits all of its designs to the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) for certification.  Solartek works with several manufacturers and distributors of solar electric products which allows the system designer to choose the right product for each design and not just the currently available one.


Solartek maintains a list of fully licensed installation partners that meet our rigorous standards for installation quality.  All installations performed by our partners are properly permitted and include a Solartek engineer always on site to ensure this quality standard is met. Because solar electric systems can last 30 to 40 years, Solartek arranged installations employ the latest in best practices and techniques as well as attention to the visual appearance of the system. These practices include:

  • Flashing of all roof penetrations.
  • Upsizing of electrical wiring to minimize electrical losses.
  • Use of only commercial mounting products designed for the solar industry.
  • Use of stainless steel hardware and clips rather than plastic zip ties.
  • And more….

This attention to detail adds cost and time to the installation but ensures that the finished product is a long lasting and trouble free system.  In addition to all manufacturer warranties, Solartek offers a multi-year warranty on any system designed by us and installed by one of our approved installation partners.

Repair of Existing Solar Electric Systems? Solartek is one of the few companies willing to troubleshoot and repair an existing solar electric system installed by others.  Our electrical engineering expertise enables us to solve complicated electrical issues and ensure the resolution of problems created by improper system installation.  As an example, Solartek knows how to properly install and wire a PV production meter for the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) Solar Credit program on hybrid solar electric systems that are grid tied with battery backup.

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