The Concrete Walls of Terra Verde

Core-Fill 500 is a white non-expanding foam, resembling shaving cream in texture. It is high pressure injected into the empty cores of the masonry exterior block walls. As it fills the wall, the pressure forces it into the smallest cracks and fissures, sealing them and the entire wall completely. This forms a protective envelope around the entire building. This envelope helps prevent air leaks, reduces sound, helps eliminate pest, and it’s totally safe. As it seals out pollutants, pollen, allergens, mold, mildew, and humidity, it seals in comfort and energy savings.

Most masonry foam products are imported in dry powder form, then mixed with water batch by batch, before the installation begins. This system leads to inconsistent batches, and often results in shrinkage after installation. By contrast, Core-Fill 500 is shipped in liquid form, premixed by the manufacturer and ready for installation. This results in product consistency, and less than 1% shrinkage. Our exclusive installation process guarantees that we fill and seal the walls, for maximum performance.

In fact, our manufacturer has such confidence in the consistency of their product and the accuracy of our installation, that they actually warrant our product and our installation. Only one product has been consistently sealing and insulating masonry walls in Florida since 1986. You’ve come to the right place.

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